Our History

The history of Count Saladini Pilastri dates back to the year 1000; a noble family from Ascoli Piceno that boasts of a rich and fascinating past whose ancestors were priests and leaders.

The deep antique roots of the family are a heredity for the present; it is a heredity of long lives of tradition over the centuries of history.

The vineyards

The limestone heights of Spinetoli and the gentle and sunny hills of Monteprandone and Porto d’Ascoli, where the current 320 hectares of land of the Saladini Pilastri estate extend, naturally give the wines a very high level of quality.

Saladini e Pilastri 14

Saladini Pilastri, a well-known company in the wine industry, has proved its expertise and reliability even in the olive-oil production field and has advanced to a level of excellence in the Piceno area and Marche region.

Our Products