History reflects itself on wines and the Falerio “Vigna Palazzi” is a testimonial of the will to give prestige back to vines of medieval origins like Pecorino and Passerina with their distinctive and delicate character. The growing awareness of Italian wine has led to a renewed importance to these resources by decreasing the part of Trebbiano in advantage of the two historical vines and introducing some others like Chardonnay. The Saladini Pilastri winer supports this piece of oenological history of region Marche presenting a highly flovoured and medium bodied wine that is ideal with fish.

Tasting Notes: Intense nose of sweet almonds and acacia wood flowers. Full-bodied with wonderful aromas of vanilla, and mineral notes. Grass and lime flavors with layers of ripe pear. Long and elegant finish.


Classification: Falerio D.O.C.
Zone of production: Spinetoli – Palazzi hamlet
Type of vines: Chardonnay, Pecorino, Trebbiano, Passerina
Period of harvest: end of september
Average altitude: 150 m
Cultivation system: Vertical shoot-positioned trellis (VSP)
Density of installation: 4200 plants/Ha
Exposure: south-west
Average age of the vines: 20 years
Grape yield per hectare: 7.000 kg/Ha
Type of soil: gravelly
Vinification: white with deburbage
Period of fermentation and maceration: 20 days – no maceration
Temperature of fermentation: 15° C