Olive Grove

Regular rows of olive trees

Regular rows of olive trees

Saladini Pilastri, a well-known company in the wine industry, has proved its expertise and reliability even in the olive-oil production field and has advanced to a level of excellence in the Piceno area and Marche region.

The company’s olive grove, which covers an area of 16 hectares at a height of 200 meters, in the Monteprandone and Spinetoli countryside, is planted with 4200 olive trees grown in containers according to the conventional method.

Olive harvest takes place early in the season, when veraison occurs, in mid or late October. The olives are picked by hand or with the help of facilitating equipment and pressed within the day in a modern oil mill to ensure the olive oil’s high quality and preserve its organoleptic properties.

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The company olive grove, which extends for 16 hectares, is located at 200 meters above sea level, in the countryside of Monteprandone and Spinetoli, and consists of 4200 plants grown in pots according to the conventional method.