The vineyards
Rolling and sunny limestone hills

The limestone hills of Spinetoli and the rolling and sunny hills of Monte Prandone and Porto d’Ascoli, where the actual 320 hectares of Saladini Pilastri’s winery extend creates wines of a very high quality standard.

The annual wine production is ground 1400 hectolitres of which 55 to 60% is white. Half of the wine is bottled; a strict selection of grapes is carried out; later a selection of wines that deserve to be bottled is made.

There have been recent investments in equipment, barrels and tanks of 500 litres for the processing and aging of the important red wines.

The updating of the machinery for making the wine establishes another element of distinction. The natural cultivation of all the wines is fundamental; it is done without artificial fertilizers or pesticides. The most common vine diseases are fought with the use of natural products like sulphur, copper and useful insects, which creates fewer but better quality grapes.

All this together with being the first to take the initiative of planting Fiano and Aglianico vines gives the Saladini Pilastri wines a unique and distinct personality which makes the winery a well-known brand. Another element of distinction is the choice of using natural cultivation for all the wines.

This is possible thanks to the elimination of all chemicals and by the use of agricultural practices that help the plants defend themselves against parasites.

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