work and passion of Saladini Pilastri

The Saladini Pilastri canteen is the heart of a splendid mansion from the 1400's.

It is, in fact, situated under the antique colonnade in the back part of the Saladini Pilastri.

The work and passion of Saladini Pilastri takes shape thanks to the careful selection of grapes and the great care taken during the various stages of creating these precious wines.

The refining of the best cru takes place in prestigious "barriques" and in the so called "tonneaux" made out of durmast which hols the wine in a climate controlled environment.

The creation of this high quality product comes about not only thanks to the cooling at controlled temperatures, to the stainless steal tanks and the aging of the prestigious red wine, but also thanks to the precious collaboration of the wine-expert (oenologist) Mr. Alberto Antonini who has formed the winery's characteristics of the wine giving a priority to the integrity of the perfumes and the smoothness of the wine.